Genix Learning

Fast-Tracked Skills Acquisition

Genix Learning comprises a suite of products that provide personalised lifelong learning, assessment-led learning and professional lifecycle management solutions.

Crafted in collaboration with industry experts and refined based on valuable customer feedback, our suite of products offers cutting-edge features tailored to meet your evolving business needs. Our products stay ahead of the curve with regular updates integrating the latest advancements from our Genix R&D program.

The future of learning and professional development starts with Genix Learning!

Pro Track + Pro Track +

PROTRACK+, the recipient of the 2013 iAward for Education, is a platform that manages the training, accreditation and ongoing professional development of industry professionals, including medical and healthcare practitioners.

The modular platform delivers functionality to support the recruitment of new trainees, the set up and management of training programs and the personalised journeys of each trainee within the program, the cycle of professional accreditation and ongoing capture, tracking and reporting of professional development activities undertaken by participants.

Examina + Examina +

Since it was first used to deliver assessments in 2011, EXAMINA+ has supported the delivery of online and paper-based exams in Australia and overseas. The platform currently underpins the delivery of more than a million assessments per annum in 58 countries, and now incorporates advanced AI capabilities for item and paper creation, grading and assessment-led learning.

The platform supports the use of a range of item types, audio and video prompts, captive browsers and other assessment management and security features, and is integrated with SCORM and TINCAN compliant learning management systems to deliver tailored AI-enabled assessment-led learning functionality.

Enabla +

ENABLA+ is the Genix lifelong learning offering that is designed to help users achieve their learning objectives. Learners can record their achievements, set their goals and leverage AI-generated learning pathways and personalised course materials and assessments provided by assessment-led learning platforms to fast-track skills acquisition.

ENABLA+ can be used by professional bodies and education providers to facilitate long-term engagement with members and alumni, by government agencies to facilitate and manage learner wallets and passports, and by corporate entities to track and manage skills acquisition and the development journeys of their employees.

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