Case Genix

Tailored Technology Solutions

Casegenix is used to provide tailored case management, regulatory compliance, and infringement management solutions for government agencies. It empowers customers to handle diverse requirements robustly and transparently and delivers business benefits including reduced cycle times, increased user productivity, lower processing costs, improved information flows and greater business insights.

The platform incorporates advanced technology features including flexible workflows, queue management, task assignment, configurable dashboards, document generation, data capture forms, content management, reporting, alerts, notifications, and user management. This allows Casegenix customers to automate and standardise operational lifecycles, embed regulatory imperatives in business processes, give users secure permission-driven access to data and content and the tools to use this information effectively.

Like every other Genix solution, Casegenix is deployed on cloud infrastructure. It consists of a suite of orchestrated microservices that offer customers a secure, resilient, and scalable platform. It is also updated constantly with features developed by the Genix R&D program, including modules that leverage predictive modelling and generative AI to provide relationship mapping, narrative visualisation and advanced document and brief generation capabilities.

Casegenix solutions are implemented to support:

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Infringement management

  • Case management

  • Licence management

Adaptation and Innovation​

Originally designed as a case management solution to facilitate investigations into fraud in the workers’ compensation domain at Worksafe Victoria, Casegenix was quickly modified to support investigations into fraud and money laundering in the financial services sector. It was deployed in conjunction with the Mantas anti-money laundering detection platform in financial institutions in the US including Deutsche Bank, Citibank, PNC Bank, LPL Financial Service and M&T Bank and as an independent solution in the major banks in Australia.

A diagram of Case Genix implementation for financial services
Casegenix in financial services

Over the last decade, Casegenix has been re-built as a solution for government agencies and has been deployed for federal and state government agencies including TfNSW, AUSTRAC, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and the National Blood Authority.

A diagram of a Case genix implementation for infringement management
Casegenix in infringement management

Implementation Approach

The Genix implementation methodology is an adaptation of the AGILE methodology and is designed to allow customers to maximise the value that they derive from solutions built on Casegenix. Genix teams work with customers to define requirements and discuss how these requirements can best be addressed using Casegenix. This shared understanding is documented and, once approved, forms the basis for iterative solution development, with customer teams having early and regular access to the configured solution for user requirements testing to give end users an understanding of the various components of the solution and to obtain feedback in relation to the way in which the agreed requirements have been addressed. Though this approach has been used successfully to deliver tailored outcomes for a number of Genix customers, it is reviewed and updated at regular intervals to incorporate learnings from current and completed projects.

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