Genix Innovations

A Culture of Innovation

At Genix, we pride ourselves on our ability to think ahead of the curve in order to develop innovative solutions that offer unique benefits to our customers, and we have a long history of developing innovative offerings across the case management, assessment management and supply chain domains.

Our desire to push the boundaries of emerging technologies in order to maximise customer value underpins the game-changing solutions in our newest initiative, Genix Innovations.

Products in the Genix Innovations range are inspired by the common, yet complex operational challenges that are experienced by modern businesses. Leveraging the power of AI, our targeted capabilities provide unique and intuitive solutions to these previously unresolved issues.

Our Salesforce AppExchange Offerings

A part of our current innovation portfolio is designed to enhance the benefits that customers derive from using Salesforce.

Find 360 Logo

Find 360

A powerful visualisation tool for mapping and displaying relationships and interactions in any Salesforce driven platform, Find 360 enhances how you leverage and explore data held in your Salesforce org using AI technology that automatically discovers links between your records.

Geo map Logo


A convenient tool that shows the exact location of a Salesforce record’s address on a map.

Coming soon to Salesforce AppExchange.

Doc Gen Logo


A high-volume document generation capability that also supports ad hoc brief and correspondence generation ideally suited for use cases in regulatory compliance and infringement management.

Coming soon to Salesforce AppExchange.

Cloud Storage Explorer Logo

Cloud Storage Explorer

A unique module that enables Salesforce users to access and interact with content that is stored in off-platform cloud repositories.

Coming soon to Salesforce AppExchange.