Recruitment and Membership Management

Manage the recruitment lifecycle from application to selection with dashboards & performance reporting
The Genix Trainee Recruitment Management (TRM) module provides a workflow-enabled electronic platform that assists professional bodies in the selection of trainees.

Application Submission

Applicants enter the TRM by registering online and updating their personal profile including details of their education and work history, referee details. They can also upload supporting documents and any other information to support their application.

The portal includes a payment gateway to handle any application fees and global notices and communications such as Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies can be posted for all applicants to review prior to registering their profile.

Management of Referee Submissions

The TRM is built upon Genix’s iBPMS backend process automation platform that automatically triggers the next step for the submission. Referee requests are sent to the nominated referees and follow up emails are also automatically generated if the set timeline is not met.

Applicants can review the progress of the referee reports in their portal.

Assessments and Interviews

Once the referee reports have been received, an applicant’s submission, all supporting documentation and all referee reports are made available to the assessors. This process is defined in the business rules. The assessors enter scores and comments into the platform.

Scores are then collated and applicants’ rankings are used to invite applicants to participate in recruitment interviews. The scores are entered into the platform and a final consolidated list of applicants is generated as the basis for making offers for traineeships.


Administrators can monitor the receipt of applications, receipt of referee reports, performance of assessors, and the availability of interview results from a dashboard or through reporting.

A full audit trail of all applicant, administrator, referee, assessor and interviewer activities is provided for legal defensibility. Each action within the system is stamped with the date, time and user identity for ready reckoning of events.