PROTRACK Membership Lifecycle Management

A seamless solution that integrates all of Genix's member-based, training management, learning and online examination products
Customers that are seeking to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of their members can look to PROTRACK, a seamless solution that integrates all of Genix’s member-based, training management, learning and online examination products.

Point solutions for membership management, training management, examination management, learning management and social networking are on the market but members invariably suffer from service gaps because these solutions fail to support hand overs between teams and offer little in the way of holistic member profile management, exacerbating the feeling of separation between members and their professional organisations.

Genix believes the only way to solve the problem is to integrate the functions into a single solution. PROTRACK provides members and member-based organisations with:

  • Membership management
  • Payment gateways
  • Social networking
  • Recruitment & training management
  • Online learning delivery & management
  • CPD points tracking
  • CPD provider management
  • Examination enrolment
  • Item bank & paper creation & management
  • Online assessment & examination delivery
  • Automatic marking & workflow driven manual reviews
  • Fast tracked results delivery
  • Performance monitoring & benchmarking
  • Analytics & reporting

These features are delivered in conjunction with the Genix iBPMS providing a highly advanced process automation capability coupled with rules management, communications centralisation, data management, content unification, advanced analytics and highly adaptive configuration & integration technology for truly responsive solutions.

PROTRACK – a seamless approach to membership lifecycle management

PROTRACK is the only integrated end-to-end solution of its kind with superior and up-to-date technology behind it to ensure solutions are SOA compliant for flexibility and adaptability. The web-based software manages the delivery of the end-to-end lifecycle for trainees, students and professionals in a number of ways:

  • It provides a single-platform for the management of recruitment, registration, payment of fees and ongoing relationships
  • It integrates with existing item banks and allows new items and banks to be created
  • It drives the transformation of existing or new items into training packages, assessments and examinations and allows each to be reviewed, updated, locked and version controlled
  • It supports delivery and automated marking of drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, extended multiple choice, choose any 3, correct order, fill-in-blank, matching, Likert rating scale, key in answer, hotspot, word spot, bubble, calculator, short-answer, essay and film-reading questions and answers
  • It delivers education and training packages and dashboards to allow students and trainees to visualise their progress and results
  • It optimises assessment and examination schedules through the analysis of resources, constraints and targets and maintains invigilator control for high-stakes examinations
  • It delivers online examinations and assessments within an advanced adaptive testing framework (IRT 1-3, On-demand and branching) and automates marking and assessment
  • It facilitates marker collaboration and the editorial process through integration with email systems and driving workflow and task lists
  • It allows professionals, students and trainees to track their progress, administrative history and maintain their profiles
  • It integrates state, national and international standards (such as HL7, C-DISC, CEDS, SIF, SAML, APIP, AIF and SCORM) and allows formal tracking of Continuing Practice Development targets
  • It allows performance data to be collected over time and provides a traceable and large framework for benchmarking and learning analysis for individual trainees and students, subjects and disciplines, teachers and trainers as well as defined groups
  • It also provides a social networking platform for like minded-professionals

PROTRACK modules can stand-alone or be integrated with any other module for a tailor-made solution.

Recruitment & Training

The training module features dashboards for trainees and supervisors to view progress summaries, schedules and assessment outcomes. The module allows a variety of training and assessments to be run including multi-source feedback, training assignments, project proposals and direct observation of procedures among others.

Each training course has unique workflows, declarative rules for satisfying assessment criteria created and role-based access controls for training design, load, completion, marking, assessment and review.

Examination Management

The examination module supports extensive question banks with multiple choice, written answers, image analysis (e-Film Reading) and case scenarios. Questions can be developed collaboratively and like the training and CPD modules, can leverage highly graphical, dynamic images.

Business rules and meta-data guide the selecting of each set of questions with multiple variants on the extraction criteria including ratio, question type or category.

Exams can be delivered at the same time, in a highly secure hosted environment across multiple locations around the world. Multi-layer authentication protocols prevent unauthorised access and together with captive browsers (to restrict access to other applications and some keyboard functions) prevent cheating. Invigilators have full control over candidate exam sessions including pause, termination and time restrictions at the question level.

The system can automatically score and check to ensure that no question remains unmarked. This is complemented by adaptable marking workflows that can be tailored as required.

A full audit trail is provided for legal defensibility.

The module is enhanced by the addition of schedule optimisation, registration and adaptive testing capabilities.


The QI & CPD modules facilitate provider registration, program adjudication, audits, complaint management, content delivery, self-service CPD points and progress tracking, automatic updates from exam and learning modules, detailed analysis and reporting (including government, activity, history, exceptions and session reports).

Learning objects attached to courses are stored in the resource library. Topics, competency, schedules, resources (including classrooms and materials), eligibility, registration, and completions are tracked.

Advanced Analytics

A number of analytics techniques have been incorporated into the solution to enable PROTRACK’s advanced capabilities. They include:

  • The G12 Optimisation platform for optimised course and exam scheduling
  • Advanced text-mining technology for automated marking of the various question and answer types
  • Advanced algorithms based on Item Response Theory and adaptive techniques for computerised adaptive testing and adaptive learning
  • The optimisation engine being used to deliver the scheduling functionality received the Google Innovation Award in 2011 and the text mining applications have won international competitions for their speed of indexing and search.