Professional CPD Tracking

Modern Continuing Professional Development tracking for members & administrators
As professional standards come under increasing scrutiny, the importance of Continuing Professional Development in the life of professionals in the healthcare, financial services, accounting, law and building and construction sectors has grown dramatically.

The Genix CPD solution is suitable all organisations responsible for managing member professional development in sectors that are now answerable to regulators.

The platform provides an integrated environment for members and administrators comprising all the essential elements for tracking learning & CPD records management.


Members benefit from a personal dashboard that allows them to review their annual point targets, current CPD points and available courses to accumulate any outstanding balance. They can also manage their personal profile, send and receive private communications with course providers, other members and administrators, review their own history and manage their CPD schedule.

Members can also participate in their chosen courses directly through the CPD portal and can complete any required assessments in a secure, online environment if required.

Points can be automatically credited to a member CPD profile after a course is completed if the course was is taken in an online LMS that is integrated to the CPD platform.


Genix can also provide a secure, private social network for all participants in a CPD program. Participants can establish their own groups to review discussion topics, training providers can establish classrooms for course participants and networks can be extended to include participants from other networks across the globe.


CPD programs can be designed, created, managed and monitored directly from within the solution. All CPD activities can be linked to an automated workflow that drives design and management activities and linked to templates, alerts and performance parameters.


Administrators can monitor the performance of programs, training service providers, courses, events and members from a dashboard or through reporting. Advanced analytics can be used to drill through results data to benchmark performance for delivery to regulators.

A full audit trail of all member, administrator and service provider activities is provided for legal defensibility. Each action within the system is stamped with the date, time and user identity for ready reckoning of events.