Online Learning Management

Genix provides a muti-tenancy learning management environment that can be linked to training, assessment and tracking modules.
Genix provides access to on demand learning through its Learning Management System that is compatible with SCORM and TIN CAN. The LMS can be provided as a stand-alone product or integrated with the solution being provided by Genix.

The platform provides users with a set of compiled learning modules that can be combined and sequenced to create a course. The content is a clear, step-by-step guide into how to complete a series of steps or tasks and developed by Genix product experts or external trainers.

Guides can be appended with voice over instructions and video examples and can also be linked to assessments that are automatically marked and performance requirements for progression and reporting.

Most learning management solutions are developed behind a corporate branded web portal that allows users and training service providers to register and maintain their profile, upload content, review dashboards and receive communications or are simply linked to the online help available within software. The configuration is entirely flexible.

Trainers and administrators can contribute to classrooms and resource libraries and can have access to private dashboards to review topic access and program success, training completion, user activities and results, trainer and session performance.