Intelligent Solutions for Digital Business

The Business Process Management Platform was initially released in 2006 as the foundation for all Genix software solutions. Since then it has evolved into a market leading iBPMS solution in its own right. Partnering with experts in the workflow automation, business rules management, cognitive analytics, optimisation, security, risk and compliance fields, this fully integrated software suite delivers out-of-the-box solutions with exceptional business improvement possibilities.

The advanced modular design of the platform provides our customers with the opportunity to select only those features that are right for their business and their budget. The Genix technical teams then configure the required modules, tailor the look and feel and ensure that the workflows, business rules and content management frameworks reflect the unique requirements of each customer.

Workflow Automation

The workflow engine is the backbone of the iBPMS. It allows business to stay in control of all the activities that are necessary to a business unit, a team or across the enterprise. Workflows and processes are designed and managed with the generic processes stored in a workflow repository and able to be reused and tailored to meet the specific requirements of each business unit.

Each workflow contains a series of tasks that are linked to permitted roles, teams, rules and performance requirements; the screens, forms and content templates and approvals that need to be completed and sub-workflows to manage exceptions. Private, team or global KPIs, alerts and notifications can be overlayed on any task and the platform allows users to work on multiple events at the same time.

Process Authoring

  • Model-based component design
  • Embedded performance windows
  • DROOLS business rules
  • Design & manage tasks links to roles, forms & content templates
  • Supports creation of system tasks
  • Process repository for reuse or rapid redesign

Process Management

  • Automatic exception handling
  • Skills and workload-based process & task routing
  • Real-time process & task status
  • Performance alerts & managed bottleneck redress

Process Completion

  • Tasks linked to staff dashboards
  • Task acceptance, reassignment & status updates from the dash
  • Advanced queue management
  • Escalate support requests internally or externally (email or SMS)
  • Click through task to required screens, forms, templates & tools

Process Analysis

  • KPI analysis
  • Process performance reporting
  • Process bottleneck identification & redirection

Monitoring & Optimisation

The solution has in-built capabilities to monitor the progress of process tasks and can notify staff, teams and managers if the process is not proceeding to schedule. Advanced analytical, decision and optimisation engines allow for real-time data analysis and ‘best next-step’ decisions. The analytics engine includes both data and text mining capabilities and supports real time fusion analytics.

Intelligent Business Operations (IBO)

  • KPI parameters embedded in tasks
  • Dashboard design & customised development
  • Integration with external databases & automatic process triggers

Advanced Analytics & Optimisation

  • Business intelligence through (IBM Cognos)
  • Predicative analytics with (IBM SPSS)
  • Constraint based optimisation
  • Cognitive/fusion analytics

Performance Tuning

  • On-demand, private & global reports & notifications
  • Task assignment & reassignment by team members & managers
  • Process bottleneck remediation
  • Real-time changes to tasks, teams, groups, timings & tools

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

  • Real time task status visibility
  • Real time process status & coming events
  • Full audit trail of all activities across all users, recording every action and providing legal defensibility
  • Centralised data & records able to be automatically & manually compiled on-demand

Complex Event Processing

  • High volume task identification
  • Analysis driven response decisions
  • Optimised routing & workflow pathways

Full History, Audit & Screen Playback

  • All activity within the system fully recorded
  • User, field content, date, time and IP address tracking
  • Playback screens to see how fields changed
  • Rollback to historic versions of data

For the User

Genix software has been designed by users, for users. Our customers can elect to actively engage in product groups and feedback over the years has resulted in a rich interface that is regularly updated to meet the evolving needs of individual users, teams, system administrators, support personnel and decision makers.

The usability of each product is reviewed at regular intervals, with WCAG A through AA standards embedded and available as required.

Rich Interface & Personal Workspaces

  • Role-based experience
  • Personal task list control
  • Private calendar, alerts & notifications
  • Mobile device compatibility with online and offline modes
  • Role-based learning management

Team Collaboration & Networking

  • Team or group work queue visibility
  • Team calendars & global alerts & notifications
  • Task reassignment & delegation controls
  • Private membership based networks
  • Social network links

Web Portal & Payment Gateway Access

  • Fully branded, static or dynamic web portals
  • Unique experiences for public access, internal and external users
  • Single sign-on, token or unique user profiles
  • Integrated payment gateways with PCI compliance

System Administration

  • Access control through single-sign on, tokens or unique profiles
  • Complex permissions matrix for users with multiple roles
  • Design & control workflows, tasks, performance, lists, templates, branding changes & organisational restructuring

Data & Records Unification

Genix solutions can unify all related data records. The iBPMS content manager provides access to all documents and records including very large files, audio, video and static images. Users can view, edit and restore the current or previous versions of all permitted content and the iBPMS will automatically integrate with external ECM software at timed intervals. Full legal defensibility is provided through the combination of the content manager, advanced audit that logs all system activities (appending data and time stamps with the user id and action taken), historical rollback to previous versions, automatic metadata tag generation and complex permissions security.

Content Management

  • Tree-based content repository
  • Version control, historic repository & version rollback
  • Batch, timed & secure printing
  • Large file, audio & graphics storage
  • Controlled distribution lists

Templates & Smart Forms

  • Smart form design
  • Template design and storage
  • Automated document compilation from any data in the system
  • Automatic document generation
  • Controlled lists of value, validations, data quality & completeness

Metadata Tagging

  • Automatic application of metadata to content and records
  • Advanced search using metadata tags
  • Administrator controlled metadata updates
  • Adherence to Federal government metadata standards

Regulatory Compliance & Standards Control

  • Embedded ISO & WCAG standards, A through AA
  • Full system history, audit & user accountability
  • Controlled escalation, approval & exception handling
  • Overarching compliance with security and risk management standards