Court Management

This extension of the case management functionality manages the lifecycle of court processes and supports the capture of court outcomes.
Casegenix is a purpose-built case management application designed to facilitate detailed and consistent incident and event responses through to major investigations by government agencies and commercial enterprises.

The court management features can be made available to Casegenix customers looking to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of cases from event identification through to court outcomes.

The solution includes a CRM front-end that captures the details of external legal teams and associated service providers and allows users to review engagement history, costs, expertise and previous outcomes. Restricted access privileges can then be established for selected representatives to remotely monitor and contribute to case and investigation development, party interviews and witness participation as well as evidence gathering in preparation for court appearances.

Interfaces between court scheduling systems and Casegenix calendar, communications, alerts and notification systems supports schedule co-ordination between all parties. In preparation for a scheduled appearance, the court brief can be compiled automatically and generated in security-controlled batches as required.

The software is fully integrated with the Genix iBPMS providing customers with advanced workflow and process control, personalised dashboard workspaces and task queues and a comprehensive platform that unifies content, centralises communications, embeds security, accessibility and standards frameworks.