Process Re-engineering

Extensive consulting & system implementation experience had led to the development of the iBPMS
More than 40 years of combined consulting and professional services experience across the Genix management team led to the development of the iBPMS. The team realised that businesses need a proven and reliable way to automate and manage their own processes without having to rely on high cost consultants. However, not all businesses are ready to make the leap: Genix continues to provide process re-engineering support to assist with the transition.

Having worked with businesses across the globe to map out complex operations and taking account of the security, risk and information management considerations across these processes, means that Genix is ideally placed to re-engineer whenever it’s necessary.

The results can be stand alone or configured in the iBPMS and full training in the processes and procedures or how to manage and change the workflows in the system is also offered to supplement the transition.