Business Transformation

Successful transformation relies upon unlocking the knowledge and know how within the business
Successful Business Transformation is subtle and complex relying upon unlocking the knowledge and know how within the business. Our business transformation team brings expertise garnered in large consulting firms across strategic planning & policy development, operational business design and implementation, security & risk management, training, change and quality management on transformation projects large and small.

Genix uses an established business-modelling framework to document the operational responsibilities and team inter-relationships. Each layer of the business model is defined based upon the central objective of all business – to fulfil customer requirements. Defining the existing business model in this way is typically the first step in any attempt to effectively remodel or re-engineer processes.

A series of sessions are facilitated with key stakeholders and team specialists to ensure strategic objectives are achieved while maintaining sight of the operational reality. Productivity improvements, cost and risk reduction can then be integrated into redesigned processes through achievable mechanisms such as the removal of duplicated effort, rationalisation of team activities, reduction of cycle times, assessment of value-add activities, simplification and improving the business “supply chain”.