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Online Examination Platform used in RACGP Fellowship Examination

Genix Ventures announced today that its Online Examination platform had been used successfully to conduct of Fellowship Examinations for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).

The new examination solution has been developed on a variation of the Genix Business Process Management (BPMS) platform and was piloted by the RACGP in February 2011.

More than 650 candidates appeared for the examination, which was conducted in 13 sites on the Australian mainland and sites in Macquarie Island and an ADF base in Afghanistan.

The examination module, which is part of the broader PROTRACK Lifecycle Management Platform that has been launched by Genix, has leveraged the upgraded forms creation, document assembly, content management, audit and security frameworks developed for version 3.0 of the BPMS. It supports the end-to-end examination lifecycle – from question setting through examination conduct, marking and assessment to the generation and publication of results and incorporates advanced features such as screen locking, workflow-driven online marking and audit capabilities.

The project has had a significant impact on the cost and the cycle time for conducting Fellowship examinations by the RACGP.
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