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Genix Ventures to provide process management platform for EOWA

Melbourne-based software developer and CA participant, Genix Ventures, has won a major contract to create the management platform for the Australian Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA).

EOWA is a statutory authority with responsibility to administer the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act and to assist organisations to achieve equal opportunity for women. The Act requires all non-government and not-for-profit organisations that employ 100 or more staff to report to EOWA annually on their workplace programs for women.

Effectively managing this large and diverse reporting client base is a complex task. EOWA sought a web-based software platform that could efficiently manage the life cycle events involved in registration, accreditation, reporting, training, payments and stakeholder communication.

With the support of Commercialisation Australia, Genix Ventures is commercialising its ProTRACK software platform. This solution is targeted at professional membership organisations, integrating the key functions of training enrolment, examination, continuing professional development and social networking and collaboration. ProTRACK provides an efficient toolset to manage the member’s end-to-end lifecycle of professional development.

Although applied in a different context, ProTRACK was the preferred solution for EOWA. “Through our tendering process, we found that the ProTRACK solution provided the best value for money for the Agency,” said Corinne Archer of EOWA. “Genix is experienced in working with professional organisations and understands the needs of a system to securely manage the interaction with business. We are confident that this solution will enable the Agency to deliver a seamless and efficient service to our stakeholders”.

Genix and EOWA are now working together to adapt the ProTRACK architecture to suit the unique needs of EOWA and to plan the required software development and integration.

Given success in this field, Genix is now exploring other opportunities throughout Australia and internationally to leverage the functionality and adaptability of ProTRACK. “There are many organisations like EOWA that manage large and diverse stakeholders and client bases. Their needs are similar to those of professional membership organisations, and PrOTRACK is well-positioned to exploit this opportunity,” according to Genix CEO, Steve Godinho. “Support from Commercialisation Australia, through our grant, as well as hands-on case management and access to CA’s network of experts, is crucial to the success of ProTRACK”.