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Genix to partner with CDN to build online Film Reading Examination

Building on the successful launch of its PROTRACK platform, Genix Ventures today announced a partnership with Central Data Networks (CDN), an Australian provider of PACS systems to build an online Film Reading Examination platform that will be a world first.

The proposed solution will leverage the existing capabilities of the online Examination delivery modules of the Genix PROTRACK platform and the CDN PACS system to provide candidates with an environment where they will be able to view and work with digital images and other content (ultrasounds, CT scans, X-rays etc.) in exactly the same way as they would in a hospital setting while answering questions delivered by the online examination platform.

The platform will be used in Fellowship Examinations of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) from 2013.

Announcing the partnership, Steven Godinho, Managing Director of Genix said “The online Film Reading Examination platform will be a world first, it will build on the capabilities of the Genix online examination delivery platform which is probably the most advanced of its kind in the world and will pipe images delivered by the CDN PACS in a manner that will revolutionise the way radiologists are accredited in this country and in time the world. In CDN, we have found the ideal partner to build this solution – a company that is both responsive and innovative – and it is a pleasure to be able to do this with another Australian company. Agreeing to act as the pilot site for this new solution is another sign of RANZCR’s continued faith in our capabilities and we look forward to working with them to build this unique offering.

Rob Zanier, Managing Director of Central Data Networks [CDN] said “The cross platform delivery of DICOM images for the benefit of the RANZCR online examination is an endorsement of the CDN PACS, both in terms of its innovativeness and its adherence to international standards. We are delighted to be partnering with Genix to deliver yet another “first” for the medical imaging community. The underlying technology developed by CDN to facilitate this form of image delivery in examinations Is unique and will support the accreditation of Radiologists in real world conditions.
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