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Genix to embed advanced analytics in its PROTRACK platform

Genix Ventures today announced that it will be embedding advanced analytical capabilities in its PROTRACK platform.

The market-leading optimisation capabilities being commercialised by Genix joint venture company, Opturion Pty Ltd, will be integrated into the PROTRACK platform to deliver constraint-based scheduling solutions for examinations. Genix will also use the advanced unstructured data analytics capabilities developed by another joint venture, Conscious Machines Pty Ltd, will deliver the automated text mining based marking solutions for short-answer and essay type questions.

Commenting on the new project, which will be partially funded by an extension to its Commercialisation Australia grant, a Genix spokesperson said, “The optimisation capability will significantly improve the way in which medical colleges schedule examinations – the number and combinations of constraints that apply in these circumstances makes the requirement much too complex for available scheduling applications. The G12 platform being used by Opturion is, however, tailor-made for this level of complexity. In a similar vein, the text mining algorithms developed by Conscious Machines have superior performance to anything we have seen in other available solutions and given that we have access to the researchers and the core technology, we have the ability to work with the team to take the technology to new heights based on emerging business requirements. Both applications will add brand new dimensions to the PROTRACK platform and enhance the value we deliver to our clients.”

It is expected that both capabilities will be available with the Genix PROTRACK platform by December 2013.

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