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Genix to develop the PROTRACK Lifecycle Management Platform

Genix Ventures announced today that it will develop and market an integrated lifecycle management platform that can be used by membership-based organisations to improve the delivery of services to their members.

The new solution, called PROTRACK, will leverage the underlying capabilities of the Genix Business Process Management (BPMS) platform and will deliver functionality to support membership management, online networking, workplace based training and assessment, examination management and ongoing professional development.

The new solution will be the first commercially available solution of its kind and will address a gap in the market for an integrated solution that allows membership-based organisations to meet the needs of their members and each point in the membership lifecycle.

PROTRACK modules will be developed progressively over the next 12 to 18 months and will include sub-modules that are developed in-house and by partners. Customers will, however, be presented with a seamless interface that can be tailored to fit in with the look and feel of their online presence.

The SOAP Examination delivery platform that has been used to conduct Fellowship examinations for the RACGP will form part of the new integrated offering.