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Genix to develop Reliability Management Solutions with ACA Proactive

Genix Ventures announced today that it will partner with ACA Proactive Inc, a management consulting firm based in Phoenix, AZ, to develop an integrated solution for managing asset reliability in large asset intensive industries including fossil and nuclear fuel power plants.

The solution will leverage the extensive experience that ACA has acquired over the years through its consulting activities and its delivery of point solutions to client organisations and the Genix process automation platform and experience.

To be built in stages over the next 18 months, the integrated solution will allow clients to set up equipment reliability strategies, conduct single point vulnerability assessments, create and manage functional equipment groups, track and optimise plant maintenance schedules, implement performance management plans and develop asset lifecycle management strategies.

While the partnership will initially target clients in the USA, the solutions can be deployed globally and Genix will seek to identify and appoint partners to market and implement the solutions in other parts of the world.

About ACA Proactive
ACA is a management consulting company that delivers Proactive Equipment Reliability solutions. Since 1990, ACA has provided its consulting services to multiple nuclear utilities, electrical transmission and distribution companies, water distribution companies, fossil generation stations and petrochemical refineries. Today, ACA is recognized as one of the leading providers of subject matter experts in Equipment Reliability in the USA.