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Genix streamlines recruitment of trainees at RANZCOG

The Recruitment Management module of the iAward winning PROTRACK platform from Genix has been used to electronically enable the lifecycle used by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RANZCOG) to recruit trainees.
The platform has automated what was hitherto a cumbersome paper chase by providing a platform that supports the online submission of application forms with in-built validation and the provision for uploading supporting documentation, automatic workflow driven management of requests for referee statements based on nominations from the applicants, the follow up of referees and the provision of access to applications, referee statements and supporting documentation for each applicant to nominated assessors who can enter their comments and scores online. The system collates these scores and prepares a ranking of applicants for interview and has an electronic interface for the interview panel to add comments and scores after which a final ranking is made available to the recruitment team.
The platform will reduce the cycle time and the cost of processing applications by some 60% and provides applicants with online access to the status of their application at all times. This status is updated automatically as each task within the underlying workflow is completed.
The revised platform has only used to automate the recruitment lifecycle in Australia in 2014 and will be extended to New Zealand in 2015 providing further benefit to RANZCOG.
Reacting to the move of the solution to a production environment, a Genix spokesperson said, “The Recruitment Management module is of relevance to most professional training and accreditation bodies and we look forward to making it available to many more organisations in the years to come.”

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