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Genix platform used for world’s largest gender equality benchmarking study

The Genix software implementation for the Australian Federal Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has been used to conduct the world’s largest benchmarking study of gender equality in the workplace.
Leveraging data collected between April and June 2014 in relation to 4 million Australian employees from 11,000 reporting organisations, the study has provided Australian corporations with a detailed report that benchmarks their performance against peers by size, turnover, employee number and industry sector.
Genix, an IBM partner, used the COGNOS BI platform in the development of the reports and integrated the analytics engine into a broader solution suite that comprises a AA compliant website, CRM platform, learning management system, a decision engine, workflow enabled operating procedures and integrated progress reporting.
“It is a matter of great pride for Genix to have been a part of this landmark achievement,” a company spokesperson said. “We have had other world first projects but this moves to the top of the list given the sheer scale and complexity of the data collection exercise and the analysis that had to be undertaken. Without the support from IBM and the encouragement we received from WGEA senior management, this might have been a bridge too far!”

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