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Genix establishes White Cloud Global to commercialise PROTRACK

Genix today announced the formation of a new company, White Cloud Global Pty Ltd (WCG), that will act as the commercialisation vehicle for its professional education lifecycle management platform, PROTRACK.

WCG will partner with Cliftons, the leading provider of training and examination venues in Australia and New Zealand, and EPEC, a leading provider of psychometric testing services, to provide an integrated suite of solutions to professional membership-based organisations that take on the responsibility for the training, accreditation and ongoing skills development of their members.

Commenting on the formation of the new venture, a Genix spokesperson said, “We have been working on the White Cloud Global concept for some time. It emerged from the realisation that the partner organisations seemed to be providing non-competing services to the same category of clients and there were obvious synergies that would provide benefits not just to the partners but also to the clients. The formation of WCG gives the partners a unique opportunity to jointly develop capabilities to address an emerging area within the broader education sector for the integrated delivery of blended training, on-demand assessment and periodic reviews of accreditation. It draws on the strengths of EPEC in the design of assessments, the unmatched venue coverage provided by Cliftons and the market leading platform capabilities provided by the PROTRACK platform.”

WCG will build on the relationships that the partners have developed with professional membership based organisations but will also address the growing need for electronic enablement in schools and universities.