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Genix announces the launch of Central Wellness Pty Ltd

Genix Ventures has announced the establishment of Central Wellness Pty Ltd, a joint venture company that will deliver an online portal to support wellness-based programs in Australia.

Commencing with an online site (The Big Well – www.thebigwell.com.au) that will facilitate the distribution of nutraceuticals and complementary medicines, Central Wellness will expand its footprint to the delivery of a range of wellness solutions developed by partner organizations.

Supported by private investors, Central Wellness will be led by Lawrence Bremner and will launch the Big Well website in early 2009. It is expected that the new site will facilitate patient access to prescription-only complementary medicines, improve the ability of doctors to ensure patients get the right products and dosage and allow patients to obtain the product that was prescribed without substitution. Promoters of Central Wellness include Professor Marc Cohen and Ulrike Klein.