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Genix and La Trobe University to collaborate on Topic Mining

As part of its ongoing participation in the Data to Decisions CRC, Genix will work with a team of researchers from La Trobe University in Melbourne to develop Topic Mining and Temporal Trend Monitoring from diverse text sources.

This project will build on the state of the art expertise of the La Trobe University team in cognitive analytics algorithms, specifically Growing Self Organizing Maps (GSOM) in text mining, incremental learning and sequence capture to develop and implement new algorithms and techniques. Genix will integrate the outcomes of the research into its IBPMS platform and make it available as part of its existing suite of products.

The project will focus on:

  1. a) Extracting topics, monitoring topic evolution including temporal patterns and anomaly detection. The work will focus on several sources of text data sources that change and accumulate new data frequently – such as news, email and other standard language text archives as well as social media microblogging services such as Twitter and Instagram.
  2. b) Using the extracted topics and information to populate an appropriate knowledge base (e.g. an internal Wiki) or trigger events to an internal application (e.g. case management). This will be the foundation for a second project where the researchers will explore content fusion between heterogeneous text sources such as news, Wikipedia like knowledge bases and proprietary information systems such as case management tools used by law enforcement agencies.

The outcomes of this work will be useful for law enforcement and other government and commercial enterprises that monitor social media or large sources of temporal text such as email or documentary evidence within large content repositories.

A Genix spokesperson flagged that the research outcomes will significantly enhance the effectiveness of its case management tool, Casegenix, by providing a real time cognitive analytics capability that can trigger or be triggered by investigation workflows.

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