Constraint-based Optimisation

The Opturion Optimisation Platform

The Opturion Platform is the result of some 60 person-years of research and development at National ICT Australia. The platform supports high-level problem modelling. Models are mapped onto a wide selection of sophisticated optimisation solvers, including the Google Eureka Award winning Lazy Clause Generation solver. The Opturion platform is unique in offering the ability to combine different solving techniques tailored to the application at hand. It has been called an “optimiser of optimisers”.

Features provided by the Opturion Platform include:

  • High-level modelling
  • Hybrid constraint solving
  • Solutions are easy to maintain and modify
  • Integrates the latest techniques from Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence
  • Handles large scale complex optimisation problems
  • Easily controlled mapping of models to hybrid algorithms
  • Allows rapid exploration of radically different solution approaches

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