Business Activity Monitoring

Genix BAM Solutions

Business Activity Monitoring – BAM, essential services

The Genix iBPMS provides a variety of business activity monitoring services to support customer solutions. The BAM capabilities are embedded in all our software products but are particularly beneficial when workflows are automated – they provide a continuous feedback loop to refine and adjust processes and improve team agility.

Workflow performance indicators

Performance indicators could be activity time-boxes, customer feedback requirements, team-member activity levels, budget parameters or other KPI. Once set, the iBPMS rules engine monitors the condition and triggers notifications and alerts to nominated team members including managers if required. The workflow can also automatically initiate a sub-flow to handle KPI exceptions.

Performance indicators can be appended to every task in any process.

Calendars, notifications & alerts

Personal, global and team calendars can be maintained within the system and linked to automated notifications and alerts. Workflow performance indicators, trigger events, general notices, meetings and internal activities can be generated, maintained and customised within the system and monitored from desktop or mobile devices.

Genix calendar solutions can be integrated with existing email and calendaring options.

Workspace dashboards

Workspace dashboards in Genix solutions are personal work queues that allow each staff member to monitor the status of their own activities. Each task is viewed next to a priority and a status flag that can be managed directly through the workspace.

Status can be updated, tasks can be initiated, completed, reassigned or delegated while they are active and managers can be alerts when bottlenecks become evident. Raising the visibility of personal and team progress is an effective means of improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Queue management

The queue management function supports the allocation of tasks across work groups and supports the assignment and re-assignment of tasks depending on workload and skills. The queue management function provides managers and supervisors with the ability to track the performance of individual users and manage workloads across all the users in a work group.

Canned & custom reporting

The iBPMS reporting solution includes a variety of reports that may be automatically or manually generated to monitor process, team and staff-member performance. Canned parameters are predefined for standard reports and custom reports can be generated as required. Using the Advanced Search feature allows Managers to report against any data element stored within the solution and BI extensions or internal analytics software can further enhance BAM reporting.

Audit & playback

The Genix Audit model is one of the most comprehensive in the market. It records every action undertaken in the system and stamps each with the user’s ID. It captures each specific change that was made, drills through to the screen and the field that was changed and the date and time that the change was undertaken. The audit outcomes are easily generated and interpreted by permitted users.

If the screen playback feature is deployed, managers can see each change on the screen on which it was made, and if required, the data can be rolled back to a previous version that was soft deleted.

More information on Genix solutions can be found at www.genixventures.com